Spring 2017

Vancouver Downtown Eastside Branding 

The vision was to create an identity design that reflects the positive aspects of this neighborhood without disregarding the reality this community has is facing and has been facing for many years. One of the strong points of the community which outsiders don’t normally get to see is thier willingness to accept anyone from any walk of life, regardless of thier past or present. Another is their strong community resilience, which is more visible to outsiders  but becomes more apparent when walking through the neighborhood and talking with the people living there. The other aspect is how tight the population is as a community. Despite the dangers one living down there can face, many of them feel safe because they know their neighbors are looking out for them. The  very strong community aspect is a key point in the visual identity being formed for this neighborhood. 

Many steps were taken in developing the branding for this neighbourhood. This process started with secondary research about everything happening in this neighbourhood which was then followed by Primary Research. The primary research consisted of exploring the actual neighbourhood, taking over 200 photos of the neighbourhood as well as taking observational notes and talking with some locals.

The next phase was creating mood boards and doing initial sketches. After many sketches and digital developments the final logo was chosen and went through various iterations to refine it. Once the logo was defined I went through a series of typographic, image, and color explorations to define the guidelines for the brand. Equity items such as buttons, t shirts, mugs and canvas bags were mocked up and added in the style guide.