October 2018

Croscorp International
Logo Design

For this company, Croscorp International, I was asked to create a logo that was simple and that could be legible for clients. This company does consulting in the oil and gas sector and currently has a focus in Europe. George (Company Owner) needed this logo in 2 days to include on presentations and email and to match his current business cards. Moving ahead if he would like to purchase new business cards he now has a design that would work well on his business cards and any other branding material he may need. 

The logo colors were chosen to match his previous logo which was just the name of the company in a dark green sans serif font. The font was chosen to match closely what he had previously so that it would match his existing business cards and presentations. The yellow drop in the logo represents the oil aspect of the company and the light green globe at the back represents the Internationality of the company.


The process included researching a bit about the company and looking at precedents then doing some ideation and sketching on paper. The next step was creating a digital version of those sketches. Then they were refined and narrowed down to the best ones and sent to the client to choose from. After the the different versions of the logo were finalized I was also asked to include the logo with contact information nicely layed out and create a cleaner email signature that matched the branding and was text based.